The Best iPhone XS Screen Protectors

Apple Company launched its iPhone X with a very different designed than other old iPhone designs. iPhone x has an edge-to-edge spectacular display. This model has an OLED screen that is the fanatic feature. Like other models, this newly released model is free from large bezels. Besides these fantastic additions in iPhone x, there is also one drawback, i.e. the screen is very fragile that it can crack even with a slight hit with anything or break if slipped on the floor. The repairing of break or crack screen is very expensive as if one will think to buy a new phone rather than repairing the screen. We are providing a solution for saving your iPhone x screen with the help of protecting shields. Protecting your phone with an excellent protecting shield will minimize the chances of breakage. You can check our available collection for iPhone x protectors. We arranged them according to the rating by people on Amazon.

IQ SHIELD protector for iPhone X:

IQ shield has the highest ranking of 4.5 stars, and it is made of tempered ballistic glass, which gives 99.9 percent transparent visual quality. The hardness and thickness are 9H and 0.33 mm respectively. This IQ shield will protect your screen from nail and other sharp things scratch.

Cellularize screen protector:

Cellularize iPhone X screen protector is available at a very affordable price. You will find 99.9 percent transparency in its visual quality. Its thickness is about 0.26 mm. Omoton makers’ claims that it is a bubble free protector and make the touch highly responsive. This screen protector will save your expensive phone from fine scratches.

Maxboot iPhone X protector:

Maxboot is a bestselling protector with a 4.5 rating but a little expensive. Besides its low thickness of 0.25 mm, they promise to give the best protection, and you will regret. Maxboot protectors come with three packs protectors that work best with 3D touch feature. This protector also promises not to destroy your touch accuracy.

AmFilm screen protector for iPhone X:

Amfilm comes with 99.9 percent transparency and thickness of 0.3 mm. It gives a sharp picture even on OLED display. Its material is ballistic glass. AmFilm helps to minimize fingerprint smudging.

Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector:

Spigen protector comes with the highest ranking, 9H hardness, and two packs of protectors.

ZaggInvisibleShield HD Glass+:

Zagg invisible shield HD glass+ is costly, but the company claims that the advanced technology that is unique iron matrix gives the best shatter protection. It provides immense protection from scratches and resists the smudges. When you apply it on iPhone x screen, its EZ applies tabs will prevent bubbles between the screen and protector.

Marvotek screen protector:

It also offers tempered glass screen and comes with two packs with 9H hardness. It also smudges and scratch resistant due to the oleophobic technology used in the making.

Case-Mate iPhone X Glass Screen Protector:

Case-mate company is well known for making I phone back casing as well as iPhone screens protectors. The two benefits for buying case-mate protector is high touch sensitivity and maximum scratch protection. Case-mate also offers a 9H hardness features in protectors.

Zagg Invisible Shield HD Screen Protector:

This offers self-healing feature, so dings and scratches will not last so long if using this fantastic protector. It is very clear, so the image quality did not disturb.

Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protection:

In outdoor screen reflects in sunlight. Belkin anti-glare screen offers this amazing feature in screen protector to reduce sunlight reflection. It is also good to screen touch sensitivity. It comes with 3H hardness while 9H is preferred.

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection:

This is the most durable screen protection available market. Its protect scratching five times more than other protectors available in the market.

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