Top 5 USB Extension Cords to Make the Connection Simplify

In our everyday lives, we need to transfer a bulk of data from one place to another. For this purpose, almost all of us use the USB Extension cords to make a connection between two devices. Such USB Extension cords are available in a great variety in the markets. But the question arises about how to select the best cord for your devices? In this article, you will learn about top 5 USB Extension Cords to make your devices’ connectivity simpler and faster. Let’s read the details about all of them.

  1. Celluliarze Micro Extension Cable, SuperSpeed

This cable comes with the double shielding, and with a strain relief. Its gold-plated connectors make it stand higher among all other cables. Another advantage of buying this type of cable is that it comes with the lifetime warranty. This cable supports USB 3.0, which means it can transfer data up to the speed of 5 Gbps per second. Another amazing feature is that it comes with a length of 6 feet which makes it very easy to be used at longer distances.

  1. YCS Basics Micro

This USB cable is designed with metal connectors and strain relief. It comes with a warranty of whole one year so that you can replace it if it’s found defective. A micro-B connector is required to connect this type of cable to your devices. A number of mobile phones has this connector in their bodies and therefore, can use this cable effectively. It supports the transfer of data at a speed of 480 Mbps which is great for transferring data from mobile-to-mobile. The length of this cable is around 3 feet which makes it easier to handle and use for shorter distances.

  1. YCS Basics Mini

Just like YCS Basics Micro, YCS basics mini is also designed with special metal connectors and strain relief features. The company also offers a one-year warranty on this cable so that you can easily replace it in case of any functional disorder. This cable also supports the data transfer at a fastest speed i.e. at the rate of up to 480 Mbps. It is the best cable to use for smartphones as it is completely compatible to be used for them. It comes in 3 feet length which is suitable for use with all types of smart-phones.

  1. Cable-Creation USB Type C

One of the top feature of this type of cable is that it is specially designed with the Gold-Plated connectors. These connectors enhance their connectivity and also fasten the data transfer process. It is wrapped in a fabric winding which makes it safer from being damages easily and enhance its durability. The best thing about the Cable-creation Type-C USB is that they also offer the lifetime warranty. Another most appealing feature is that it supports USB 3.0 that makes it data transferring speed up to 10 Gbit/second. It is best to use for laptops, smartphones and tablets.

  1. Amazon Basics A-Male to A-Female

Just like other best cables, this one is also designed with gold plated connectors for smooth connectivity. Not only this, but this type of cable also supports the strain relief feature. Another best thing about these cables is that they come with proper shielding. This feature makes them more durable and reliable over an extended period of time. This cable comes with 30-days free return policy so that you can use it and return if you find any issue. It supports the USB 2.0, the data transfer speed at a rate of 480 Mbps per second. It comes with a length of 9.8 feet that is its greatest advantage over all other cables.

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